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Experienced – Strong – Dedicated

Facing a criminal charge can feel overwhelming. You do not know where to turn or whom to trust. But at Reynie Tinajero Law, you can rely on the experience of our criminal defense attorney.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Reynie Tinajero has handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. He understands how to build a strong defense that will protect your rights. At every step of your case, he will champion your rights and guide you through your every available option.

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We are fully committed to helping you achieve the best possible solution to your case. This may involve getting charges against you dismissed, negotiating for you during the plea bargaining process, or securing a reduction in your sentence. No matter your situation, contact Reynie Tinajero Law to take the first steps toward protecting your future.

Formerly A Chief Felony Prosecutor

Before founding our law firm, Mr. Tinajero served as the chief felony prosecutor for the district attorney’s office. Now, he uses this invaluable experience to defend clients who face various charges. It is rare to have representation from someone who knows firsthand how the state builds its cases and how prosecutors think. With his in-depth knowledge of the Texas justice system, he will build a persuasive defense strategy based on the evidence.

Ask For A Free Initial Consultation

Cost should not be a barrier to excellent representation. That is why we provide free initial consultations for all potential clients. Reach out to Reynie Tinajero Law today to speak with Mr. Tinajero about your criminal defense. To schedule your free initial consultation, call 214-473-5105 or send us an email.